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Original Business & Finance Books in Cafe LiBrew

One of the first few books 📚 I've read 18 years ago (at 12 years old), that got me started and hooked with non-fiction self-help books 📕 was @therealkiyosaki Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant, as well as Mark Victor Hansen's and Robert Allen's The One Minute Millionaire.

That's why I was inspired to do Sales and Business at an early age of 13 selling random stuffs in school and online, from food, to eload to apparels, and why 17 years after, I'm still doing business.

So if someone is just starting out with their personal growth & development journey, learning the ropes about money making, business, sales and mindsetting, these 3 books are a must-read and one of the few I highly recommend.

And if someone is already an experienced business owner or entrepreneur and already have years of self-discovery and personal growth, then I recommend reading @vishen Vishen Lakhiani's The Buddha & The Badass by @mindvalley for a more advanced reading into scaling your business and aligning it with youe core values.

Good thing all these titles are available at @cafelibrew - Cebu (Northstar), the only Transformational Library Cafe in the Philippines whose mission is to support your personal growth and mastery, 1 cup of coffee or tea at a time.

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